New product developments, Packaging design, Reverse engineering, Simulations for new products, Development of Import substitute products, Design Services. Apart from catering automotive and public sector, Jyoti Toolings also do consulting for different sectors, such as:-

  • Defence:
    Jyoti has manufactured various holding assembly fixtures, new products for the defence industry and manufactured complex parts for defence vehicles. We also provide commissioning and consulting for turnkey projects to streamline the processes and deliver optimum results.
  • Aircraft:
    Jyoti has successfully supplied 14 different long aircraft wing parts of various aluminium slabs and forging supplied by HAL as a free issue. These drawings and technology were Russian but Jyoti has successfully developed these parts and supplied sets of these parts to HAL on time with high Quality components.
  • Radar and Navigation:
    Jyoti has made stretch dies for large antennas and manufactured gears for positioning the antenna. Jyoti can take complex 3D machining of engineering math surface data to build complex surfaces by which some of the best raiders have been produced in the country.
  • Nuclear Energy:
    Jyoti has manufactured the most complicated tube sheet shell for high-pressure steam generators and also manufactured a track for nuclear feeding mechanism for partners.
  • Heavy Machines Elements:
    Jyoti with its array of CNC machines can manufacture heavy and complex machine parts for heavy industries.