Heavy Fabrication Weld Shop

Heavy Fabrication Shop – Maval , Pune

Our Service Centre is an intermediary between Steel Producers and the end-users. It is one of the main link in the steel supply chain. We endeavor to supply steel in exact quantity, in customized form and in exact time that customers require. This makes the steel immediately usable by the customer which greatly reduces wastage, consumer time and inventory carrying cost.

Capability :

Machine List :

Cut to Length,Cut to Size,Re-Shearing machine, Plasma Machine,OxyFuel Machine ,Press Break Machine-6mtr , Weigh Bridge, Gas Cutting Machine, Rolling Machine , Hydraulic Press Break Machine

Products :

Profile Precision Cut Parts , CTL , CTS , PEB , Assemblies & Custom Fabraction.

Customer :

Shakti, Caterpillar, Indian Railways, BEML, Terrex, L&T, Indus RockTool, Electromech etc.